Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lovely lovely yarn

My parcel of bits and bobs arrived today from Dragon Yarns (and very quick it was too). Some slubbed pure wool Irish yarn, some more Wendy Shimmer and a ball of Wendy Velvet Touch in pale pink - sooo soft.

I will probably venture into the LYS this week to see what I can find in deep pink - maybe wool blend, maybe cotton, I don't know yet. This is for the wavy scarf on Knitty, and I have a pink coat that NEEDS a pink scarf to go with it ...

Lovely yarn of the week award goes to Adriafil. I picked up my copy of the latest Kniting magazine, and they reviewed two Adriafil yarns. I also found an online store that sells it. I do like the Graphic yarn, very textured and interesting.


Monday, May 23, 2005

Mad washerwoman

A very tedious day at work, so when I got home I decided to pull all of the multifarious coats, fleece jackets, scarves and other wearables out of the cupboard. Ended up chucking four of them out and the rest have been in the washing machine, two loads-worth. Must be the mad spring cleaning bug. You do need to take stuff out of that cupboard every so often, because one side is an outside wall (well, the back is too), and one of tonight's bin-jobs had got a wee bit mildewed having been in too close contact. This cupboard is also the home of the gas and electricity meters. A few weeeks ago I opened the door to be greeted by the unmistakeable smell of gas. Eeek. Phone Transco who tell us to switch the gas off and the boiler, thankfully this stops the leak. Turns out someone has overtightened something at some point and caused a crack in the meter. Gulp. One new gas meter installed! I was cool as a cucumber until after the engineer had left, when the possible consequences hit me. If you smell gas don't ever think it's something-or-nothing, phone Transco - I had myself half believing it wasn't actually gas until the engineer confirmed it. We sometimes get clouds of the stuff passing over from the offshore rigs, but it doesn't normally find its way inside the house and into a cupboard :-D

In other news I've started acquiring bits and bobs of interesting yarn. My quest for a decent-sized stash of yarn has begun :-) I need to trim the rainbow baggie then I'm onto the Rockstar scarf in Wendy Shimmer Bordeaux and dark grey DK. I also intend to start the zip-up camisole top around the same time (Colinette Giotto Raphael). I dread to think how much knitting and beading stuff I will be hauling with me on holiday!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A bit of a humdrum day

Hmm - nothing much has happened today. Work was very quiet, almost peaceful. As peaceful as you can get when you have a group of contractors across the room whose mobile phones have the world's worst collection of ringtones. Loud ringtones. We all used to like "Sweet Child O'Mine" :-)

I did manage to fall up the stairs last night, thanks to a fairly lethal pair of slippers. There is a lovely bruise developing under my left knee (no I am not going to take a picture of it!). It's rather sore too. I think the slippers are going in the bin.

Got up this morning and checked on the chinchillas - one sitting on a top shelf, about to go to "bed" in his nestbox. The other, as usual, in his "comf-e-cube", where he will sleep curled up like a cat for hours on end. This morning, he was curled up tight but also really *flat*, he was completely zonked out. We have both developed this paranoia about any of the animals that looks too deeply asleep. We have to stand there and watch that they are still breathing. Yes, we are paranoid, but with exotic animals you do need to keep an eye on them. Honestly. We're only a *little* bit mad :-)

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Evil Toothbrush

OK, so last year, just about this time last year, my electric toothbrush went to Silicon Heaven (or Toothbrush Heaven, not sure which). Today its replacement did a very good impression of a non-functioning appliance. Drat, thought I. We went out and got a replacement. Got home, and the evil lime green and white thing was sitting there where I'd left it (if it had moved then I'd have been worried ...). On a whim I tried it - and the flipping thing worked. Arg. Evil evil toothbrush! So now I'm going to have to take them both on holiday, cos I know if I don't it will most definitely pop its little clogs. Sometimes I hate technology ...


I did the Bloginality test via the link on Yarnivorous:

My Bloginality is INTJ!!!

I did a Myers-Briggs test years ago that said I was INTJ - at least I am consistent :-D

Colinette stash

This blog is like buses - nothing for an age then two arrive at once :-)

Here is the long-promised photo of my Colinette stash - one example each of Giotto Raphael (darker) and Giotto Marble. The Raphael is for a camisole top from Knitting magazine, and the Marble for a fluted-hem and fluted-cuff sweater from the Colinette pattern book Akasha.

I know these would have turned out better if I'd taken them ouside but I was in a rush ...


Technicolour bag

I've neglected this blog for long enough! Here is my bag that I started before we went on holiday last year. It was originally going to be a scarf, then I realised I'd cast on too many stitches for that ... the whole idea was to get myself back into knitting, something I hadn't touched for a number of years. You can blame the internet for that! Anyway, scarf became bag, and slowly and surely it eventually was completed (except for a beaded edging and a toggle).