Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Specifically, my first pair of socks. I started these a year ago, got to the heel turn, then put them aside for other projects. As part of a WIP-along I decided I should finish them - the second was completed in a few days.

I used Charlene Schurch's "Sensational Knitted Socks" as a reference, and one of the basic patterns converted to just plain stocking stitch. The socks fit very well - I followed the instructions regarding measuring feet beforehand, and swatched the yarn. The latter was one of the skeins of unidentified sock yarn that I dyed with Kool Aid some time ago. After struggling with the joins between the two circulars I was using, I eventually got the hang of a neater join, so the second sock was a much more pleasant and quicker knitting experience.

I will definitely be making more handknit socks in the future!

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At 9:26 am, June 09, 2010, Blogger acrylik said...

Yay! Fantastic - I love these, the colours are excellent. Yes, you will be drawn in to knitting more socks, they are so comfortable as you have made them to your exact measurements. I never wear any other type of socks now :)

At 10:57 am, June 09, 2010, Blogger Sarah said...

Wonderful - I've not been making enough socks this year I think I'd better resolve that - glad you want to make more

At 4:07 pm, June 11, 2010, Blogger Linda said...

Lovely, socks are quick once you get into them aren't they!

At 11:35 am, June 14, 2010, OpenID knitsamadworld said...

Ah ha!! You have just gone over the top edge of the slippery slope!!


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