Friday, February 12, 2010

Experiments in colour

Various yarns dyed with standard acid dyes:

75% merino 25% nylon superwash sock weight

100% merino sock weight

100% superwash Bluefaced Leicester sock weight

80% merino 20% silk laceweight

I think my favourite is the merino sock in bright pink/orange/green/yellow. The orange is purely from colour blending within the skein, I love how there are so many variations of shade created.

The photography of different colours presents a challenge too. The camera coped well with three of the skeins, but the blue-green BFL gave it some problems. The auto white balance wasn't up to the job, and the first shots were distinctly blue-biased. I must note that the photos were taken late in the day and the lighting conditions were far from ideal to start with. I finally deciphered the camera manual's instructions on custom white balance, and set that up as the light was fading fast. The end result isn't bad, but what you can't really see is the subtle purple shading on some of the strands. However it was a useful lesson in photography!