Saturday, December 04, 2010

Winding up this blog

After much thought I have decided to wind up operations on this blog. I'm leaving it up and running, but won't be posting any more.

I am still knitting of course but rather less than before, and I don't have enough craft-related news to post very often. I will be setting up a new blog elsewhere which will have a different focus, I won't be linking across but if you'd like the link when it's live, email me via the address at the top of the page or ask me on Twitter :-)


At 5:26 pm, December 04, 2010, Blogger Sarah said...

Sad to see you go from here but it's good to evolve = so long as knitting always has some place in your life :)

At 11:25 am, December 05, 2010, Blogger acrylik said...

Always loved your photography, so I hope you will keep that up on another blog. Please tweet me the details when you're ready :)

At 1:51 pm, December 08, 2010, Blogger Daisy said...

Sorry to see you go, but would love to have details of your new blog - tweet @daisyx3

At 8:05 pm, January 03, 2011, Blogger Suffolk said...

Beach huts in Aldeburgh - Yarnacha!

Happy Knitting Year


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