Sunday, June 13, 2010

Doctor Who Scarf WIP

This is my progress so far on my Who scarf:

I think I'm about a third of the way through. It's good TV knitting!

There is also some exciting news on the shop front. My Sheer laceweight yarn is featured in the new (July 2010) issue of Let's Knit magazine:

I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to the feature on laceweight yarns. The skein in question (Stargazing) has now sold, but my repeatable colourway "Space Odyssey" is very similar.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Specifically, my first pair of socks. I started these a year ago, got to the heel turn, then put them aside for other projects. As part of a WIP-along I decided I should finish them - the second was completed in a few days.

I used Charlene Schurch's "Sensational Knitted Socks" as a reference, and one of the basic patterns converted to just plain stocking stitch. The socks fit very well - I followed the instructions regarding measuring feet beforehand, and swatched the yarn. The latter was one of the skeins of unidentified sock yarn that I dyed with Kool Aid some time ago. After struggling with the joins between the two circulars I was using, I eventually got the hang of a neater join, so the second sock was a much more pleasant and quicker knitting experience.

I will definitely be making more handknit socks in the future!

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