Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Doctor Who Season 14 Scarf

Finally completed my Doctor Who scarf, knit in Cascade 220:

All the yarn details and more photos can be found on the Ravelry project page which is accessible by anyone. The scarf is approximately 116 inches long (just over nine and a half feet) after washing and blocking (allowing it to stretch a bit). I believe this is the shortest version of the scarf and is very wearable especially if you wrap it around you neck once!

I used my rotary cutter for the first time to trim the fringes, it did an excellent job and gave a very neat even finish.

In book news, I'm not far off the end of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I've found it quite gripping especially the second half of the book.

Hopefully I should be back with a couple of photo blog posts very soon, of our "travels" in late June and early July.

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At 3:38 pm, August 04, 2010, Blogger Auntie Noo said...

Absolutely love the scarf. Am just listening to the girl with the dragon Tatoo from audible but am finding it hard going at the moment. Waiting for the lightbulb moment

At 6:05 pm, August 04, 2010, OpenID knitsamadworld said...

I can just see Tom Baker wearing that!!

At 2:20 pm, August 05, 2010, Blogger acrylik said...

Loving your scarf - I'll bet you'll get loads of compliments when you wear it out and about.

A friend has just loaned me the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to that once I've finished reading my current book.

At 1:52 pm, August 06, 2010, Blogger Daisy said...

It looks great! And I want to read that book!

At 6:45 pm, August 06, 2010, Blogger Linda said...

What a cool scarf!


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