Saturday, March 24, 2007

Free knitting pattern - Skye rib hat

I made this along with the Dashing gloves and hat for a friend and her mum. I thought I'd share the pattern. I've now created a PDF file for the pattern, this can be downloaded here.

Skye rib hat - 4x4 ribbed beanie - free knitting pattern

Yarn: Colinette Skye, shade Copper Beeches, one skein (you will use around half a skein), or any similar aran/worsted weight yarn
Needles: 4.5mm circular and/or DPNs
Notions: one stitch marker and a tapestry needle
Gauge: not vital, I knit this probably slightly snugger than "normal" stockinette gauge for this yarn (18st/4"). Since we are using 4x4 rib the hat is very stretchy.

Sized to fit most adult heads.

Cast on 88 stitches (I use cable cast on), place stitch marker to mark end of round and join.

Knit K4 P4 rib to end of round, and repeat until piece is approx 6 inches long from cast-on edge.

Decreases - every other round:

Next round: (K1, K2tog, K1, P4, K4, P4) 5 times; K1, K2tog, K1, P4
Next round: (K3, P4, K4, P4) 5 times; K3, P4
Next round: (K3, P4, K1, K2tog, K1, P4) 5 times; K3, P4
Next round: (K3 P4) around
Next round: (K3, P1, P2tog, P1, K3, P4) 5 times; K3, P1, P2tog, P1
Next round: (K3, P3, K3, P4) 5 times; K3, P3
Next round: (K3, P3, K3, P1, P2tog, P1) 5 times; K3 P3
Next round: (K3 P3) around

Decreases - every round:
Switch to DPNs when stitches become tight on circular needle.

Next round: (K1, K2tog, P3, K3, P3) 5 times; K1, K2tog, P3
Next round: (K2, P3, K1, K2tog, P3) 5 times; K3, P3
Next round: (K2, P1, P2tog, K2, P3) 5 times; K2, P1 P2tog
Next round: (K2, P2, K2, P1, P2tog) 5 times; K2, P2
Next round: (K2tog, P2, K2, P2) 5 times; K2tog, P2
Next round: (K1, P2, K2tog, P2) 5 times; K1, P2
Next round: (K1, P2tog, K1, P2) 5 times; K1, P2tog
Next round: (K1, P1, K1, P2tog) 5 times; K1, P1
Next round: K2tog around
Next round: (K2tog) 5 times; K1 - 6 stitches remain

Cut yarn and thread onto tapestry needle. Draw the yarn through the remaining stitches and secure the top of the hat. Weave in yarn ends.

If you spot any errors please let me know at the address in the sidebar, many thanks.

This pattern is free for personal non-profit use including charity knits. It must not be sold or given away with yarn purchases, nor reproduced elsewhere in any format. E&OE. Copyright © 2007.

Thanks to T for gifting the yarn to me!

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At 7:30 pm, March 24, 2007, Blogger nanatoo said...

Oh, very nice. Well done! The colours show up beautifully don't they?

At 7:54 pm, March 24, 2007, Blogger Becky said...

Beautiful hat. Thanks for sharing the pattern, too. :)

At 10:57 am, March 25, 2007, Blogger Artis-Anne said...

Great hat and lovely colours, well done :)

At 11:47 am, March 25, 2007, Blogger artyfartykat said...

Gorgeous hat! Thank you for allowing us to share it.

At 4:14 am, March 26, 2007, Blogger pixie girl said...

That's a beautiful hat:)!

At 4:23 pm, March 26, 2007, Blogger Dipsy Doodle said...

If there ever was a perfect beanie, then it's certainly this one! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern, I will definitely give it a try!

At 10:04 pm, March 27, 2007, Blogger Rain said...

Thanks for the pattern, a decent beanie pattern is hard to find. It's lovely.

At 4:22 pm, March 29, 2007, Blogger acrylik said...

Thanks for the fantastic pattern, your beanie is wonderful.

At 6:27 pm, March 30, 2007, Blogger Daisy said...

Groovy hat, and just what I need to use up a skein I've got hanging around in my stash!! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

At 8:25 pm, April 09, 2007, Blogger Anne K. said...

Oh, my - I just discovered your blog and I LOVE this hat!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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