Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A bit of a humdrum day

Hmm - nothing much has happened today. Work was very quiet, almost peaceful. As peaceful as you can get when you have a group of contractors across the room whose mobile phones have the world's worst collection of ringtones. Loud ringtones. We all used to like "Sweet Child O'Mine" :-)

I did manage to fall up the stairs last night, thanks to a fairly lethal pair of slippers. There is a lovely bruise developing under my left knee (no I am not going to take a picture of it!). It's rather sore too. I think the slippers are going in the bin.

Got up this morning and checked on the chinchillas - one sitting on a top shelf, about to go to "bed" in his nestbox. The other, as usual, in his "comf-e-cube", where he will sleep curled up like a cat for hours on end. This morning, he was curled up tight but also really *flat*, he was completely zonked out. We have both developed this paranoia about any of the animals that looks too deeply asleep. We have to stand there and watch that they are still breathing. Yes, we are paranoid, but with exotic animals you do need to keep an eye on them. Honestly. We're only a *little* bit mad :-)


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