Monday, May 23, 2005

Mad washerwoman

A very tedious day at work, so when I got home I decided to pull all of the multifarious coats, fleece jackets, scarves and other wearables out of the cupboard. Ended up chucking four of them out and the rest have been in the washing machine, two loads-worth. Must be the mad spring cleaning bug. You do need to take stuff out of that cupboard every so often, because one side is an outside wall (well, the back is too), and one of tonight's bin-jobs had got a wee bit mildewed having been in too close contact. This cupboard is also the home of the gas and electricity meters. A few weeeks ago I opened the door to be greeted by the unmistakeable smell of gas. Eeek. Phone Transco who tell us to switch the gas off and the boiler, thankfully this stops the leak. Turns out someone has overtightened something at some point and caused a crack in the meter. Gulp. One new gas meter installed! I was cool as a cucumber until after the engineer had left, when the possible consequences hit me. If you smell gas don't ever think it's something-or-nothing, phone Transco - I had myself half believing it wasn't actually gas until the engineer confirmed it. We sometimes get clouds of the stuff passing over from the offshore rigs, but it doesn't normally find its way inside the house and into a cupboard :-D

In other news I've started acquiring bits and bobs of interesting yarn. My quest for a decent-sized stash of yarn has begun :-) I need to trim the rainbow baggie then I'm onto the Rockstar scarf in Wendy Shimmer Bordeaux and dark grey DK. I also intend to start the zip-up camisole top around the same time (Colinette Giotto Raphael). I dread to think how much knitting and beading stuff I will be hauling with me on holiday!