Saturday, April 05, 2008

And the winners are ...

Announcing the winners of my blogiversary giveaway!

Firstly the winner of the laceweight yarn is:

RooKnits !!

And the winner of the "regulars" giveaway is:

Liz !!

I'll be contacting you shortly!

Draw conducted using this random picker.

Very happy with the results of F1 Bahrain qualifying today - BMW Sauber have done extremely well with (I have to say this) a Pole on pole! Congrats to Kubica for getting pole and to Nick for coming in at #6. Should be a good race tomorrow.

I took the opportunity to sew up my beret during the qualifying too, and the CPH pieces were all blocked at the start of the week. Hoping to sew up at least some of CPH tomorrow. I've also got the yarn out to start Alexandra from Fitted Knits as currently I have nothing OTN!

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At 9:12 pm, April 05, 2008, Blogger Sarah said...

Nothing on the needles! Hope you get that scary situation remedied tomorrow

At 11:54 pm, April 05, 2008, Blogger Mandella said...

Happy belated blogiversary. I have no idea how I missed the actual event!

At 12:30 am, April 06, 2008, Blogger RooKnits said...

How exciting, this is my first blogiversary prize win :o)

At 1:35 pm, April 06, 2008, Blogger donnac1968 said...

Nothing OTN???? What are you thinking.

Hmm, sewing up, I'm doing that at the moment and It's driving me mad, tiny 4ply stitches to piece together, ulgh!

At 10:02 pm, April 06, 2008, Blogger clarabelle said...

Well done, Rooknits and Liz! I honestly don't begrudge your win or anything (humph... I'll just uncross my fingers now).

I wear my Alexandra loads - it's a great pattern!

At 8:07 am, April 07, 2008, Blogger Queen of the froggers said...

Well done the winners!

At 3:58 pm, April 07, 2008, Blogger Liz said...

How exciting...can't wait! Thank you. I have been knitting while the racing is on too!

At 11:06 am, April 09, 2008, Blogger Aknita said...

Your CPH is going to be lovely :-)

Your Yarnyard yarn is lovely too. I bought some from there recently ( but don't tell anyone, I'm on Stashalong lol )

At 11:46 am, April 09, 2008, Blogger acrylik said...

Well done to the winners!

Looking forward to seeing CPH - hope the sewing up is going well :)


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