Saturday, March 08, 2008

Diversionary lace

I couldn't resist starting the Forest Canopy Shawl I mentioned in the previous post, using Posh Yarn Helena merino DK in shade "Dales". Four repeats done so far:

I'm aiming to pick up for the button band on CPH this weekend, but I think the lovely colours in the merino were just the kind of Spring pick-me-up that was needed.

Finally wrested from the clutches of the Post Office today (one out of four parcels to sign for, so they took all four back to the office, argh!), here is some of the gorgeous Yarn Yard merino in shades Mysteron (above) and Smile:

This is for the Cranford Mitts (link goes to Sussex Yorkie's lovely first pair of mitts), and judging from reports, these two 50g skeins should be enough for 2 pairs. I'm intending using the Mysteron as the main lace for the first pair with Smile (and it does indeed make me do just that) for the edging.

Natalie now sells most of her yarn in 50g skeins, which is great for things like the mitts and even for socks, where you want to use more than one colour. It's so tempting in fact that I also got these in the same parcel:

Oatcake (above) and Moment 50g skeins of Yarn Yard sock.

I'm not doing too badly with my attempts to knit from stash, even so, and if you can't buy some scrummy yarn every so often it's a pretty miserable do! I'd bought very little so far this year until I found out that Dunelm Mill were selling off some Rowan yarns at 99p per ball. Fear not, they had not happened upon a secret stash of R2 yarn :-D When I went to our local store they had Holiday, Cotton Braid and Spray. I've ended up with three different shades of Spray, enough for a number of jumpers judging by the Urban Streets book which I received today (another of the hostage parcels).

And speaking of sock yarn - I am planning to attempt my first pair of socks in the near future. I've got enough sock yarn in stash to see me through a fair few pairs, I think, and I've just invested in some 60cm Knitpicks circs so I can do the two-circulars method. Thanks to BlueADT and the other posters on the 2-socks-2-circs KAL on the CTY forum for inspiring me. I shall try one sock at first though, 2 at once may be too far off the deep end for a first attempt!

I also ordered this which arrived today:

Sensational Knitted Socks, which seems to be a very popular book (and I'll surely end up with the second one too!). Also pictured is Ysolda's latest beret pattern, I've acquired several of her lovely patterns recently, now to acquire a time turner to have the time to knit them all :-D I also have my beady eye on the entrelac bag from the latest Yarn Forward, and the Hurry Up Spring mitts from Stitch 'n' Bitch....

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At 9:52 pm, March 08, 2008, Blogger blog-blethers said...

Just had to pop by to thank you again for the gorgeous cowl. I can't tell you how many compliments your work has received. It's just perfect for wearing to work in the 'breezy' welsh valleys:) The colours anf yarn are just perfect!

Talking of glorious colours - just love your FC shawl. Stunning! And am looking forward to seeing your progress with it:)

At 2:29 pm, March 09, 2008, Blogger acrylik said...

Oooh, your Forest Canopy shawl is going to be stunning! The colours are just perfect.

Lots of lovely new stash to drool over! Yes, some kind of time machine would come in very handy for us all, I think ;)

Looking forward to reading about your sock adventures to come.

At 7:34 pm, March 09, 2008, Blogger Cinders said...

Lovely new yarn to drool over and squish there. I like your FC colours. knitting 2 socks at once is on my to do list

At 7:46 am, March 10, 2008, Blogger Sussex Yorkie said...

Socks, they'll be your downfall!! Lovely YY yarn.

At 8:40 am, March 10, 2008, Blogger Artis-Anne said...

Oh lovely colour for FC I must do that pattern soon !!
Love your new goodies and the mitts are lovely ; were can one get the pattern ?
I have both books and I think they are brill

At 11:55 am, March 10, 2008, Blogger donnac1968 said...

Definitely a pick me up with those spring colours. I am surprised you've not done socks before, but once you start you won't stop!

At 9:37 am, March 11, 2008, Blogger Queen of the froggers said...

The shawl looks lovely, great colours. I am sure you will be fine knitting socks, I found the circular needles so much easier than DPN's.

At 10:56 pm, March 11, 2008, Blogger Daisy said...

HOpe you like SKS - I love it and have used it an enormous amount!

At 8:19 pm, March 12, 2008, Blogger Seahorse said...

Your FCS is going to be gorgeous. I love the yarn colours you've chosen for your other projects too. Good luck with the socks!

At 12:30 pm, March 13, 2008, Blogger Aknita said...

That's going to be one lovely FCS :-)

I have had yarn and pattern for the Cranford mitts in and out of my basket like yo-yo's. I keep telling myself I am stashalonging, but my resolve is weakening.

At 7:46 am, March 14, 2008, Blogger Sarah said...

Glad to see your project aspirations are just as realistic as mine.

Love the shawl - a real breath of spring in those colours.

Beautiful yarn acquisitions and as you say it's a poor do if you never get some lovely new yarn to dream with.

Wishing you lots of fun with your first socks - I find it hard to believe you the mighty Knitty in Pink have never socked before! Hope you love them as much as I do and great choice of book.

Finally I can't wait to see your beret - I love all Ysolda's hat patterns but that one is really calling to me.

At 9:51 pm, March 14, 2008, Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

You really do choose the most stunning colours and combine them with real verve. Fab!

At 8:06 pm, March 15, 2008, Blogger modelwidow said...

What a cheerful FC shawl that will be, I just love the colours.

The cowls look great too, so much better than the one in the book - I had just passed that by but am now looking at it with renewed interest.

At 12:00 am, March 19, 2008, Blogger Lynne said...

Socks are fun! Socks are portable! I should post my toe-up sock cast on, not that it is my idea but I've got a tute on it...
I prefer magic loop for socks but two circs are good too. Am about to try two socks on one circ again (this time not 2mm needles and 80 stitches though, oi vey!).
Stash is luverly! No fun without new stash once in a while!

At 11:22 am, March 21, 2008, Blogger Rain said...

Ohhh pretty lace, I love the colours.

I shall have to live vicariously through everybody else for yarn these days as I am on a strict ban, so keep up the good work with buying the pretties!!


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