Saturday, September 08, 2007

The knitting of small things

For the past couple of weeks I've been knitting small, almost-instant-gratification projects. It's good to have a change from large items for a while. I've also been doing some mystery knitting which I can't show here yet. I've even started a sewing project - something I've not really done since I was at school! No photos of that yet as I've only got as far as cutting out the felt, but stay tuned.

First up, my first batch of hats for the innocent fundraising for Help the Aged:

These are great for using up leftover yarn. I've added the hat-ometer to my sidebar, the target has been raised again this year as they exceeded last year's by quite a bit.

There was almost a full skein of BSA cotton left over from Flair, so I made another 3am cable hat, this time for me:

I love how the cables "pop" with this yarn. I couldn't believe that I still had leftover yarn after the hat, so I knit a moss stitch headband too (not pictured). I had to finish the last few rows with some green Cotton Fleece but it's made a very useful soft band for keeping my hair under control. I've been growing it all year and it's not long enough to be able to tie back yet, but still long enough to need taming at times.

On the subject of yarn, my stashalong is officially over! I have not celebrated by buying crates of yarn (not yet), but I did snag this from The Land of Temptation last Sunday:

Posh Yarn Helena merino 4ply in "Glen"

We're on holiday from work for the next two weeks and a trip to Colinette is imminent! Stand by for some stash enhancement. I'm also hoping to warp up my loom, and get the sewing machine out and learn to use it properly.

I thought I'd mention some of my WIPs that disappeared from the sidebar too. I started the Simple Knitted Bodice in March this year but never got more than a few rows into it, that was frogged back a few weeks ago and I'm looking to restart this autumn/winter. I was using Jaeger Shetland Aran but am considering trying Rowan Summer Tweed instead. I started the Spring Things shawl earlier in the year too, and got to the end of the first section, but with gritted teeth! I find KSH a little difficult to handle, and the problem was being able to see it at night - even with a daylight lamp it was very awkward. This was actually sent on to a good blogging friend who will hopefully be able to finish it one day.

Here's my first attempts at needle felting. This was a kit sent to me by another blogging friend for my birthday, and it was a great introduction to the craft.

Both sides of the little wool purse from the kit, with the heart shapes made using a tiny metal cookie-cutter template that was included. The flower was attached to the purse so I had a go at embellishing it without the aid of a template. It's highly addictive and takes very little time, I really enjoyed this and have since bought the Clover felting tool which holds multiple needles, and a single needle mounted in a soft-grip handle. I also bought a few more shades of the Filz-It felting wool, and a bigger foam pad to work with (all from Get Knitted).

Here's something I forgot to add to my previous post. On our visit to the Wool Clip, we ended up buying a painting! The Watermill Cafe exhibits the work of local artists, this is a scene looking out over the Solway Firth (we think, we forgot to ask for the card next to the painting), and is by Jean Alexander, acrylic on boxed canvas:

We both love paintings of the sea, especially where the artist has painted wave action and caught the movement of the water. This now hangs over our fireplace, and in fact the two other (smaller) paintings in the room are both of the sea too (both bought in Cornwall).

Before I forget, I got my invite to Ravelry last week too! I am knittyinpink on there. It's an excellent and as others have noted addictive place! I've not had much time to add projects or stash on there yet but am hoping to do that fairly soon.

And finally - I will be holding a giveaway soon - it may even be up in the next couple of days. Watch this space!

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At 10:16 am, September 09, 2007, Blogger Kath said...

Wow - sounds like you had a great Bank Holiday Weekend! Have you tried Hay-on-Wye for all it's bookshops? Heaven!! Your needle-felting is looking good - it is addictive isn't it! For more info re spinning try here: They have lots of good bits of info and are well worth a visit. Love the painting as well!

At 10:17 am, September 09, 2007, Blogger Kath said...

Sorry that link didn't work well so I'll try again: (delete this space)

At 10:20 am, September 09, 2007, Blogger Aknita said...

The helena is gorgeous! Instant gratification is gear isn't it, and I love the hat. I'd be arrested if I wore a hat :) but it doesn't stop me admiring others.

Your needlefelting is lovely - I saw some beautiful examples at Woolfest.

See you in Ravellry - it's a great resource and will only improve as more Ravellers join.

At 10:30 am, September 09, 2007, Blogger Aknita said...

For gear read great - why do I never see typos till I've published.

At 11:30 am, September 09, 2007, Blogger Queen of the froggers said...

The lottle hats and your cable hat lookk good. I have looked at needle felting but have yet to try it. It looks like fun and I love the look of felted stuff.

At 12:17 pm, September 09, 2007, Blogger white stilettos said...

All very lovely things. The tiny hats are so pretty and the full sized one very cosy-looking.

That needle felting is great, I must have a go. I bet it is addictive.

That's a wonderful painting. Isn't Jean Alexander the lady who played Hilda Ogden? I'm guessing it's a different one, lol.

At 2:02 pm, September 09, 2007, Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

What a brilliant idea to use the cookie cutters to shape needlefelting. I might just drag out the UFO that has been languishing! Ta!!

At 3:05 pm, September 09, 2007, Blogger gilraen said...

The painting I initally thought was a photograph! Beautiful..............

Your neeedle felting looks really georgeous...............:)

Dee is such a temptress indeed............don't blame you if you cannot resist!!!

Glad more people are joining Ravelry it is indeed a great resource, although a tempting place too :)

I have always admired your hats.........

At 5:18 pm, September 09, 2007, Blogger Joan said...

That needle felting is so cute! Do you know where the kit is from?

And I'm totally drooling over that posh yarns. No one could blame you for giving into that temptation

At 8:24 pm, September 09, 2007, Blogger Sarah said...

Ah the sea, that painting is fantastic.

Great work on the Innocent smoothie hats, I've done a few so far, but I got my man's Ma onto them and she must have made 50 already!!

At 10:53 pm, September 09, 2007, Blogger Diane said...

I don't know why but i've only just got an email alert to say you're blog has been updated...oh hum never mind i've caught up now and i'm GREEN ....i absolutely LOVE the entrelec scarf you've made.....i think it's gorgeous,all the colours how they blend together...WOW a work of art indeed!!

At 9:01 am, September 10, 2007, Blogger Sussex Yorkie said...

Both the picture and the felted purse are lovely. I have to admit I had to sit on my hands when I saw Emily Glen!

At 12:27 pm, September 10, 2007, Blogger donnac1968 said...

ooo, I must do some innocent hats, they are so cute!

Haha, I thought the same thing about Jean Alexander too.

At 3:47 pm, September 10, 2007, Blogger Piglottie said...

I love knitting small things. I need some fairly quick reward for my efforts, and am almost dreading starting Eris as it seems to much bigger than socks lol.

Love the needle felting - your hearts are so cool. The Land of Temptation really is a naughty place, best avoided if you are stashingalong. Have fun at Colinette and cant wait to see your haul :)

At 12:27 am, September 12, 2007, Blogger blog-blethers said...

The needle felting looks brilliant but I am almost scared to try it - just in case it becomes yet another crafty addiction;)

Love you big and little hats too!

At 7:56 am, September 12, 2007, Blogger Artis-Anne said...

What yummy yarn. I love the colour ; a great way to get out of your stashaolong :)
My you have been busy and yes i too agree that needle felting is addictive :)
Kath is over next week and guess where we are going too ? Yup Colinette :)si PLEASE leave us some bargains LOL

At 10:29 am, September 12, 2007, Blogger Seahorse said...

So many lovely things in this post!!! I especially like the needle felting.

Looking forward to seeing the mystery projects too!


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