Saturday, February 24, 2007

Skully sweater update

It's been a productive week on the Skully front, with the first sleeve completed today. I took the photos before I finished the plain section on the sleeve this afternoon, not something that took too long thanks to working with chunky weight yarn.

This shows that the sleeve is picked up and knitted on to the armhole of the sweater. The neckline is completed and both shoulders seamed using a three needle bind-off. I can't speak too highly of that particular technique, it's the first time I've used it and it produces a beautifully neat seam.

A closer look at the intarsia section. It is years and years since I last used this technique, and it's still like herding cats! Thankfully not too many bobbins hanging off the back of the piece this time. No ends have yet been woven in and I think that will serve to even up a few of the slightly skew-looking stitches. I wouldn't do intarsia for fun, it has to be something I really want to have and wear like this design.

Hopefully I can make good progress on the second sleeve, now that I've had the practice on the first. I'm aiming for March 1st to complete the knitting if at all possible, as this is when an informal KAL begins for the Glampyre Simple Bodice. Mine will be the long-sleeved version knit in Jaeger Shetland Aran.

Here's the February yarn from the Fyberspates sock club:

Lovely colours, just what we need this time of year!

Now I'd said that I was trying not to buy yarn for some time, having come to the realisation that the stash is quite large and I have projects enough to keep me going for a long long time. This is still the plan, it does allow purchases if something sufficiently bargainous turns up. However last weekend I read Kendra's posting about the Juno cardigan from Rowan 40. Thus I was led astray and bought some Rowanspun Aran in "Gables". I really liked Juno but the Wool Cotton used doubled was a very expensive option, so I didn't think much more about it. Now it is apparent that using a heavy-ish aran like Rowanspun wll do perfectly well, so given this yarn is fast disappearing, it was time to make a purchase and secure the materials! I already have some in the "Hardy" shade for the Central Park Hoodie so this time I picked the red. It's a lovely shade and my camera refused to play nicely with it at all. The photo has been adjusted but the actual shade is darker than this:

Finally, here is a skein of Eva cashmere silk 2ply laceweight in "Rhyme", from the last Posh Yarn sale before the move:

Thank you for all your messages on the 200th post, much appreciated! Hope those of you watching "Life on Mars" are enjoying it so far too!



At 6:30 pm, February 24, 2007, Blogger Rain said...

That looks fantastic! I really like the use of a tweedy yarn for the background so it doesn't look too plain.

Lovely yarn too. Grab it while you can!

At 6:53 pm, February 24, 2007, Blogger Seahorse said...

Skully is looking superb!

Oh no! Another plan for Juno in Rowanspun! Lalalalala I can't hear you!

At 7:40 pm, February 24, 2007, Blogger Kath said...

What lovely yarns you have! Such great colours and that Fyberspates yarn is very yummy! Can't wait to see that knitted up.
Skully is looking good - no doubt you'll be wearing that very soon!

At 10:31 am, February 25, 2007, Blogger Queen Frogger said...

Skully is wonderful. I am trying not to read the bit about yarny bargains!!

At 4:22 pm, February 25, 2007, Blogger Sarah said...

Skully is coming along great, interested to read what you said about the shoulder seam - will have to try that.

Having been fighting to resist the Rowanspun in that shade since I saw Kendra's - now you're at it too - must be strong!!

At 4:36 pm, February 25, 2007, Blogger Dipsy Doodle said...

Oh wow, this sweater rocks big, big time! You know, when I saw the skull, I thought that back in my Metal-Hardrock-Days (which are still not all gone ;) I would probably have sold my soul for a sweater like this! It's truly awesome!
And gosh, the yarn! The yarn!!! Drooling here, definitely! ;)

At 9:47 pm, February 25, 2007, Blogger Becky said...

Love the Skully. Can't wait to see it on a body. The new yarns are gorgeous, too.

At 10:34 pm, February 25, 2007, Blogger Kendra said...

Skully looks great so far. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the SKB.

The Posh Yarn is lovely.

At 8:10 am, February 26, 2007, Blogger nanatoo said...

I 'heart' Skully ;) :D I'm going to have to learn that three needle bind off too.
Just saw Daisy's Fyberspates yarn, that really is a delicious colour.
'Gables' and 'Rhyme' are both lovely too. I'm thinking it might not be SUCH a bad thing that I've lost my yarn shop bookmarks ;)

At 10:13 am, February 26, 2007, Blogger Daisy said...

Ooh, your Fyberspates yarn looks lighter than mine! It's a lovely colour though!

At 10:39 am, February 26, 2007, Blogger acrylik said...

Skully is looking amazing! I loved your comment "like herding cats", it's so true :)

Juno is such a beautiful pattern and you have chosen such a gorgeous shade to knit it in. Looking forward to seeing your progress on that.

At 5:30 pm, February 26, 2007, Blogger modelwidow said...

Oh what lovely cheerful colours for your yarn.

Skully is looking good, especially with the back ground yarn being not quite plain.

At 3:03 pm, March 04, 2007, Blogger blueadt said...

My DD would LOVE the skully jumper - where can I find the pattern?


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