Tuesday, October 17, 2006

When chaos comes to visit

Long time no blog, or so it seems! The day after my last post I had a double vaccination, flu in one arm and pneumonia in the other. Nice! Thankfully the effects didn't last too long but last Monday (9th) saw me off work trying to see off the aching. I also had trouble knitting for a while as my hands and arms were sore. And they say these jabs are good for me :-)

A day or so later the real drama began. One of my two chinchillas stopped eating. This is a serious matter in chinchillas, if the gut stops functioning completely it's usually fatal. We took him to the vet and to cut a long story short, he had to go under anaesthetic last Friday (yes, it was the 13th!) and they found sharp "spurs" on his molars which had to be filed away ("burred"). Now again, giving an anaesthetic to a chinnie is a risky business, however we are fortunate to have a vet not too far away who is reasonably experienced with chinchillas. They used the safest gas to put him under, which has a quick recovery time and isn't absorbed into any vital organs.

Basil is now recovering, he has had a check-up and another injection to help his appetite etc, but he obviously still has a sore mouth and isn't keen on chewing at any hard foodstuffs. I've ordered some specialist recovery foods and probiotics today, but following excellent advice I commandeered the liquidiser tonight and ground up some pellets and hay. I made this into thickish paste and tried him with it, he was really keen to eat it which was a huge relief! We have been very worried about him and life has been rather topsy turvy around here, but the fact he has an appetite and wants to eat is excellent news. It can take quite a while for them to fully recover from this type of procedure, especially where they had stopped eating beforehand.

We really didn't have any clues as to the teeth problem until early last week, chinnies are very good at hiding discomfort and pain and even though I watch them like a hawk, there was nothing to indicate this problem developing. It may well reoccur, but we can help guard against it to some extent by ensuring he eats enough hay (which they use their molars to grind down). DH is now looking for a small grinder/combi tool so we don't have to use the huge liquidiser!

Aside from the worry for the past week or so, there have been some lovely things arriving by post to brighten the day. Firstly, I won a draw on Mary-Lou's blog for one of her lovely bag charms. This has lobster claws which hold stitchmarkers and is a lovely idea, especially if you are taking your knitting with you on a trip.

Thanks Mary Lou! Please visit MLQKnits for more charms, stitch markers etc!

I also ordered one of the snazzy row counter bracelets from Knitz & Glitz, this one is made in wooden beads:

On Sunday we assembled the Ashford rigid heddle loom:

In the interim I had ordered the full-colour Ashford book for rigid heddle weaving, which arrived today and looks to be very useful indeed. Hopefully I will have a chance to warp it up this weekend. My first project will likely be a bag, and I'd like to make a lovely big wrap once I get the hang of things.

I did manage some knitting, mainly a scarf in a lovely soft chunky yarn, wich will be for the craft fair. I need to tidy one end and sew together the rose corsage pin that goes with it before I take a picture.

Finally I can show the secret project I mentioned last time, a pair of "Fetching" fingerless gloves in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk aran. These were a birthday present for a good friend :-)

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At 9:30 pm, October 17, 2006, Blogger KnitYoga said...

sorry to hear you've been having such a bad time but glad to hear that Basil is now eating again even if it is liquidised food. Wishing him a full and speedy recovery. The loom looks fun and interesting. Can't wait to see your first finished project! The Fetching gloves look gorgeous in that shade of the DB Alpaca Silk.

At 9:36 pm, October 17, 2006, Blogger Kendra said...

Poor Basil! I'm glad he is recovering.

The gloves are lovely - I bet your friend was pleased.

At 9:45 pm, October 17, 2006, Blogger Mandy said...

Sorry to hear about poor Basil! I am so glad that he is recovering! I am also gald that you are recovering!
Your gloves are lovely! I am sure you friend was pleased!!

At 10:14 pm, October 17, 2006, Blogger Bagpuss said...

I hope Basil has a speedy recovery. I understand what a worry small furries can be, one of our hammies is 'getting on' and we have to be vigilant to make sure she isn't suffering at all. (her sister recently passed away and this one is getting frail. I love chinnies but don't have the space for one :(

At 11:46 pm, October 17, 2006, Blogger alice said...

I'll be very interested in what you do with your weaving (not that I know anything about it myself - it just looks fascinating).

The gloves are beautiful, and the bag charm, too.

Wishing Basil all the best.

At 1:02 am, October 18, 2006, Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

Oh Poor Basil! I hope he is alright now! Lovely Glovelies

At 2:32 am, October 18, 2006, Blogger Lynne said...

So Basil isn't headed for the ratatouille yet! That is good news :-)
Hmm, weaving. Some of my friends are getting into it in a big way.

At 8:59 am, October 18, 2006, Blogger ~Silvia~ said...

Oh poor Chinni. Glad Basil is on his way up. I am looking forward to the first woven by you picture. Congratulations on the BagStitchmarkerCharm it looks lovely. Your friend will love the Gloves they look smashing:)

At 9:42 am, October 18, 2006, Blogger Seahorse said...

Poor Basil! Hope he continues to recover speedily.

I love Fetching! Beautiful yarn.

At 1:34 pm, October 18, 2006, Blogger nanatoo said...

I don't know how to comment now I've been spammated! I'll try anyhow. What great news that Basil is recovering. They like to frighten us these small creatures!
I have that row counter bracelet too, isn't it nice :)
Waiting for you to 'warp' this weekend - a la Star Trek?
Your friend was touched by and thrilled with the 'Fetchings', they are gorgeous :D

At 1:42 pm, October 18, 2006, Blogger Mary-Lou said...

Oh my! - sounds like you've had too exciting a week by half! Glad to hear Basil is recovering now, and hope this week is quiet enough for you to have a good go with that loom!

At 6:50 pm, October 18, 2006, Blogger Piglottie said...

Sorry to hear that its been a mare of a week for you, but am so pleased to hear that Basil is on the mend. Hope things get a bit smoother from now on, and I love Fetching!

At 8:14 pm, October 18, 2006, Blogger Diane said...

Basils a lucky boy having such a good mum and dad to take care of him..Bless him :0)
I know what you mean about "those" b'stard jabs, our surgery isn't doing ours until December!My other half says he thinks the quacks are hoping that the weak ones will have dropped by then!Tehe,how naughty,crikey i just thought,..... i hope we're not amongst that group!:0)

At 8:10 am, October 19, 2006, Blogger Rain said...

Oh dear. I do hope Basil has a speedy recovery

Whtat a fab piece from Mary-Lou, it's a great idea. Im obviously a big fan of the wooden row counter too.

Fetching look gorgeous in that colour. I can't wait to see what you whip up on the loom.

At 11:12 pm, October 23, 2006, Blogger acrylik said...

Sounds like both you and Basil have had a bad time of it recently, hope you're all doing much better now.

The Fetching gloves are beautiful!

Can't wait to see what you create with your loom!


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