Saturday, August 05, 2006

Yarn yarn yarn

First things first, I finished Heart tonight and it is currently blocking happily on the dining room table :-) Pictures tomorrow if it is dry. I've said it before, I am so much better with any lace pattern if it is daylight!

I cast on for the New Vintage Capelet tonight, in lilac Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed. At this rate I'm going to have 4 or 5 WIPs, snce I want to do the Yelena cardigan in Giotto, start Sgt. Pepper, and have a go at the lace scarf KAL on AY :-) I've gone back and forth with patterns for the Giotto, but as I have six skeins I thought a good wearable cardi would use it well. I've also seen pictures of a couple knitted up and they looked really good.

The postie has brought various yarny goodies this week. Apart from the DB Aran Tweed, I also got two skeins of Noro Kochoran in shade 14 from Jannette's. There was a 25% off sale last weekend on certain lines including Kochoran. It's lovely and soft and knits as chunky, I'm thinking about a shrug, maybe. I also bought 3 skeins of Kureyon from another forum member at AY, in shade 164 which is forest greens, gold/browns, and some aqua. That should be enough for a Booga Bag, methinks.

The first shipment from the Posh Yarn lace club arrived very promptly on Tuesday. I got a skein of Felicity, the silk, in the shade Orchid. The silk takes the dye extremely well, it is a rich deep purple with some reddish purple:

Beautiful yarn, not sure if I will do the shawl from the lace club pattern, or something else. I do want to make Kiri though, probably using the pale pink merino laceweight in my stash. I'm also interested in the Fibretrends Shoalwater shawl, as I could use the Yorkshire Tweed DK in Lime Leaf and make a lovely cosy shawl :-)

Today I received 2 skeins of HipKnits aran silk in Chocolate Cherries. This is such a gorgeous colourway, definitely good enough to eat. It is more striking than the picure on the website suggests too. I need to do some pattern research, there is roughly 360m there and I'm wondering if that might make a weeny shrug or similar. I could happily collect HipKnits silk and just look at it and hold it :-D DH really likes the Choc Cherries too (won't suit him though LOL!).

A week or two ago I finally received my copy of One Skein from Amazon. After all the anticipation I'm not overly struck with it. I like the felted bowls and will make those, but the main problem seems to be the yarns/weights called for are often not found in a UK knitter's stash. I'm going to order the Vogue Knitting Shawls book though, I've seen pictures of the patterns here and they look good. I'm a definite scarf/wrap/shawl kind of person as I tend to feel the cold and am always well wrapped up in winter :-D



At 9:09 am, August 05, 2006, Blogger Kendra said...

I love the capelet pattern. I might have to try that out too. I got the posh yarns lace club yarn too. I love it, the colour is lovely and the yarn is so soft.

At 10:27 am, August 05, 2006, Blogger nanatoo said...

I don't know about you, but I feel like my head might explode with all these plans :D
You were quick with Heart! Lace is impossible unless it's daytime, I agree.
Love the Vintage Capelet. I never think I would wear them but maybe ... I'll find the pattern I had my eye on and show you.
Yelena is a great pattern, that's a cardi I would wear to death.
LOVE the Posh Yarns lace and Kiri is a great pattern. Choc. Cherries is yummy too.

At 10:37 am, August 05, 2006, Blogger Badger said...

I want to get the vogue Knitting Shawls book too, it looks like there are some really nice patterns in it.

The capelet looks lovely, I'd love to wear something like that but I always end up looking like Miss Marple - not great when you're trying to be a young sexy badger about town ;)

At 12:04 pm, August 05, 2006, Blogger Rain said...

The vintage capelet is gorgeous.

Ooh look at that silk, it's divine

At 2:19 pm, August 05, 2006, Blogger Piglottie said...

Crickey thats a list and a half of things to do! Just like me really! Love Yelena and the Posh Yarns lace is a gorgeous colour.

At 3:31 pm, August 05, 2006, Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

Wowee!! That is a lot of yarn! What a lot of great projects. What a fantastic name Chocolate Cherries is - even without seeing it I would want it!

At 11:47 am, August 07, 2006, Blogger KnitYoga said...

That Posh Yarn looks so good! . . . . mmmmmmmm

I've knitted the vintage capelet. I did it in some Alpaca and Lambswool recycled yarn that I got from Texere very cheaply. It's okay but I wished later that I'd done it in something a bit more luxurious as the recycled yarn doesn't feel as soft as I'd like. It's in my Flickr Gallery if you want to have a look.
I had to mess around trying to find gauge and needle size that would work with the yarn I got and I think, if I remember correctly, there were mistakes in the pattern, to do with the decreases to get the shaping but it wasn't too difficult to work out what should be done instead.

At 3:21 pm, August 07, 2006, Blogger acrylik said...

Look at all that yummy yarn! And that shade of purple from the Posh Yarn club is to die for...

At 9:09 pm, August 12, 2006, Blogger Annarella said...

I have some catching up to do :) Your Posh Yarn is to die for! What a stunning colourway! And Chocolate Cherries is fab too, just looked on Kerrie's site to see whether there was a pic there. Fab!

Enjoy knitting the Capelet, can't wait to see how yours is going to turn out! :)


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