Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Call off the search!

Nope, I haven't disappeared, run away, fallen into an alternate universe :-) I've just had trouble finding time to update my blog since before the weekend. Last Saturday we had a big shopping expedition, not something we do that often. First stop was - tada! - the new LYS in our little town!

The shop started out as a haberdashers, it changed hands last year, but when we happened to walk past last Friday I spotted they had started selling yarn as well (yarn radar). They currently do a range of Sirdar and RYC. The lady who owns the shop said they had only started with the yarn a few weeks ago, and she is planning on stocking the Rowan yarns as well as RYC. Fantastic news, the other LYS has a pretty good range but doesn't do Rowan. They will also carry patterns and books and the like. I bought some RYC Cashsoft DK in pale pink, at centre below:

At left is Rowan Wool Cotton in "Citron", a fab pale limey green, a good bargain from eBay this week (8 balls for a tenner, guvnor). The yarn at right is King Cole Merino Anti-Tickle DK in a pretty lilac, from the original LYS last week because I had to go in and buy 7mm needles, ahem. I think I'll do a Spring hat and scarf with the lilac, I fancy a cable hat and maybe wristers with the pink, and the Wool Cotton will hopefully be a sleeveless/very short-sleeved fitted top (pattern yet to be decided). Being a Rowan novice, can anyone tell me if they have any suitable summery patterns for Wool Cotton? I need an excuse to buy another pattern book!

Once we had left the LYS(2), I bought some fabby green shoes, or rather cloggy-type mules, from Clarks. Ever hopeful that we will have weather warm enough to wear them at some point! We then went to the nearest big town (now called a city), to one of the retail parks where they now have a huge Borders. A good browse was had in the craft section, which was useful to see a number of books on my wish-list, and others I'd heard of. I bought Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation (I don't have the first one yet so am approaching this backwards), and a Vogue pocket-size book of hat patterns.

In knitting news, I'm being very focused, despite multiple yarny temptation, and am bent on finishing my two current projects. I want to get Latifa cast off and blocked, then I can work on ruffling in between other things. Branching Out needs to be finished fairly soon as I want to send it off along with the bag (also needing finishing) during the Easter break.

It looks like we'll manage a visit to Colinette's millshop during Easter week :-) Thanks for the directions to the garden centre Cherry, sorry you won't be around but have fun on your city break!



At 7:32 pm, April 05, 2006, Blogger Rain said...

Ooo great yarn. It's always good to discover a new LYS. I love the lime shade.

I keep looking at Clark's summer mules range and have to be led out of the shop. I have too many shoes as it is.

At 9:34 pm, April 05, 2006, Blogger nanatoo said...

The colours of your yarn are stunning! They remind me of that Bergere coat, the green and the purple :)

18 balls for a tenner guv'nor? You're turning into a cockney nutjob like me ;)

I'll look into the Wool Cotton Summery stuff.

When you're in the Mill Shop you must stroke the yarn for me :)

At 11:32 am, April 06, 2006, Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

Love the colours - I think Spring is just about here. My Goats have started escaping - thats usually a sugn that tthe sap is well and truly rising! look forward to seeing your Colinette stash-add and your Spring hat and scarf!

At 12:34 am, April 07, 2006, Blogger Diane said...

OOOOh you jammy dodger...just look at all that gorg yarn!...and a visit to Colinette too?...i'm almost limey green with envy :0)

At 11:33 am, April 07, 2006, Blogger Lynne said...

Oooh, a new LYS! I haven't had a new LYS open up here umm, like forever. Actually, despite the knitting boom here no new yarn hsops at all. I thik that is because the big craft stores carry an awful lot of yarn and outcompete the LYSs.
Your lilac yarn is lovely! And the rowan - a bargain!


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