Monday, March 27, 2006


A happy Sunday afternoon's knitting, watching "North By Northwest", and Odessa was completed. I even used DPNs for the last little bit - like wrestling a porcupine, I could do with some shorter ones I think!.

Pattern: Odessa by Grumperina
Yarn: Wendy Supreme Cotton DK
Yardage: Around half a 100g ball, not sure of yardage

This is destined for Caps for a Cure. I have some RYC Cashsoft DK in Crush for another for CCFA, and in the lime shade for one for me (which may well look OK worn with Clapotis!).

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on Clapotis. It certainly does look like a flower garden :-) I've had this blog for a year now, and when I look back I would never have attempted something like this even six months ago (or the likes of Odessa, come to think of it!).

I am now most envious of Cherry @ RemoteKnitter, who lives near the Colinette Millshop. It's beautiful countryisde round there but oh, to live near enough to the millshop to drop in regularly. We are going to have to have a road trip soon! Thankfully it looks like the weather has decided it might like to start Spring now, if that's OK. It has definitely been a much colder winter and gone on longer than normal. Our gas bill certainly bears this out, you can tell we've been using the gas fire a lot!

The latest Simply Knitting arrived today, which cheered me up as I have felt distinctly icky yesterday and today and did not venture to work today (not going tomorrow either!). Thought the DB baby patterns supplement was a useful thing to have, and I also like the Raspberry Coulis shrug. I keep seeing so many lovely shrug patterns, I could knit those forever I think (love the one in the latest Interweave Knits too). I need someone to organise my knitting rota for me LOL :-)

Thanks to Ra @ Knit Tigger for alerting me to what looks like a mistake in the slippers pattern from the last SK, glad I knew that before starting! No sign of a correction in the current issue, that I could see. They do also omit to mention that you would reverse the sole section chart for the second sole, which is fine if you're a more experienced knitter, but given SK's brief I'd have thought they would make it plain.

As I was unexpectedly at home today, I dug down in my WIP basket and found the poor neglected bag that has been sitting pinned together for way too long. I've now sewn up the sides, and am now sewing some felt together to line it. It will be finished!

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At 12:06 am, March 28, 2006, Blogger Rain said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Odessa looks great.

It's great to see how far you've come in the time you've been blogging. It must really give you a sense of achievement seeing how much you've improved.

At 12:20 am, March 28, 2006, Blogger Erin said...

Feel better!

How did you like the cotton yarn? I've never been a big fan of it, but that looks like an adorable springtime hat!

At 9:55 am, March 28, 2006, Blogger Lynne said...

Oh, lovely Clap and Odessa!
happy sorta Blogiversary! I must send off a parcel to you - I have a nice few bits :-)
Hope things are better soon!

At 11:10 am, March 28, 2006, Blogger nanatoo said...

Odessa is very pretty, I don't cope well with dpns yet.

Do you think Cherry wants to host a sleepover? ;)

Gas bills have been bad haven't they, with the long winter and price increases.

At 3:24 pm, March 28, 2006, Blogger nanatoo said...

Forgot to say, 'Feel better' :)

At 8:54 pm, March 28, 2006, Blogger KnitYoga said...

Odessa looks fab. We had a shock when we got our gas bill the other day, too! Blogs are very good in lots of ways and one of them, I think, is that you can get more a sense of how you've progressed over time. Hope you feel better soon.

At 10:46 pm, March 28, 2006, Blogger Mandy said...

I hope you are feeling better!! Your Odessa looks great!! You are just flying along through the projects! Can't wait to see what you do next!!

At 4:15 am, March 29, 2006, Blogger Sharon J said...

Oh, that's a pretty cap and in such a pretty colour too. ~Sharon

At 10:36 am, March 29, 2006, Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

Road trip Yay!
I also know a lovely garden centre nearby that does fabulous lunchy cakey coffeey teaey things!!
Book early!!


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