Saturday, March 04, 2006

Knitterly nirvana

Or rather, various knitterly items arriving en-masse today!

Here's the haul:

- beautiful Bergere de France yarn from Cucumberpatch, to make the jacket (with printed pattern). The picture shows the colours pretty much true. Very soft and lovely yarn, both are acrylic/wool mixes. The lefthand yarn is Canaries in 'Lama', and the right hand is Toison in 'Manchon'. The 10%-off promotion makes this pretty good value - I doubt you could buy a jacket this nice for what the yarn cost.

- a pair of 4mm Brittany birch needles I ordered with the yarn. I've been musing on comparing birch and bamboo for strength, primarily. I have a pair of 12mm River John birch needles, but thought I'd try Brittany in a size I find I use quite a lot. Thinner needles are bound to be more fragile, I'll see how the birch compares to using bamboo. Also saw Lantern Moon needles on the site, almost fell off my perch at the price! They look lovely but I doubt I'll be buying any :-)

- Scarf Style from Only ordered on Thursday night, along with the new Harry Potter DVD. I've only glanced through this so far, there look to be some great scarves to make. I bought this as I've seen a lot of people using patterns from it, and I love my scarves - especially in this freezing weather! One thing I did notice was the photography, a lot of deliberate blurring/soft focus in a gradient. It makes my eyes spin slightly! I'm also not sure what it adds - one thing I am very keen on is good clear photos of knitted items. When you're following a pattern it helps immensely to have decent reference photos.

- Interweave Knits magazine Spring issue, from P&M Woolcraft. The subscription seems like a grand idea, this magazine is full of great patterns. I've been looking through it this afternoon, and have found a great pattern for a flared top in Colinette Giotto which I think I'll do in preference to the minidress-top in Femme Fatale. There is also a tunic top I like very much, some great fingerless mitts, a nice shrug with lacy flared sleeve ends and tons more.

- the latest Knitting magazine, which I have really only glanced at. I'm not keen on the dress shown on the cover (the only time I ever tried on a knitted dress I looked awful - this was in my late teens, in Laura Ashley!). However there is a lovely cardigan pattern inside which I spotted and liked, then found that it used Garnstudio Alpaca, even better!

Thanks for the insightful comments on knitting magazines folks, much appreciated. I'll definitely chase down a copy of Vogue Knitting. I agree regarding the Simply Knitting and Knitting mags - they are too fond of using patterns that already appear in published books. While this is nice to point you in the general direction of books/yarns, it seems a bit of a cop-out on the publisher's part. Why not commission unique patterns that you can only get in the magazine? I suspect they do so more some of the smaller items but what about the big stuff.

Speaking of patterns, I ordered two Bergere de France patterns books from Get Knitted, the Designer Knits for Women, and In. The first one of course has the jacket in it, but as TGirl has pointed out, there is a great collection of patterns in the book that we would actually wear!



At 6:37 pm, March 04, 2006, Blogger Rain said...

The yarn looks gorgeous for the coat. I bet you can't wait to start.

At 8:50 pm, March 04, 2006, Blogger sal the spider said...

The "arty" photography in scarf-style really pisses me off!! I agree with you, it makes me feel like I have glaucoma or something - yuck!!LOL Rant over, nice yarn you got there ;-)
Sal X

At 2:31 pm, March 06, 2006, Blogger Diane said...

I've just eaten the yarn for the jacket therfore i've saved you the task of kinitting it....why did i eat it? Because it looked good enough TOO eat!!!LOL
I agree with Sal and you about the wishy washy pictures.....they make my eyes boggle and i like to have a good look at the knitted article,you know...checking out the quality of the knitter ..comparing notes!tehe as if!! LOL

At 7:02 pm, March 07, 2006, Blogger Mary-Lou said...

Thanks for the comments, yes it is the full size Loopa

At 7:18 pm, March 14, 2006, Blogger acrylik said...

Mmmm, gorgeous yarn!

Is the top you are talking about in Interweave Knits the Waterlily Top? I love that one too! And I have 3 skeins of Giotto... originally intended for a backless crochet top, but I'll probably get more wear out of this pattern.

Decisions, decisions... (you know I'll just end up buying another 3 skeins of the stuff! ;) )


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