Monday, January 30, 2006

Stashbusting and happy dancing

Over the weekend the link to this pattern by Mary Lou was posted over on UKHK. Several people have made one recently and they look utterly fabulous. It's a steek boa - you knit up the pattern as a scarf then unravel each side up to a stitched seam where the ribbing section starts. You then cut the loops to make a lovely fringed effect.

I spent some significant amount of minutes at work today, mentally going through my stash to find yarns that would be suitable. The only one I fall down on somewhat is a fuzzy yarn. The only mohair I have is some Adriafil Baroque, lovely but the wrong colourway. Since I'd already decided this would be a stashbuster, I've got the following yarns out tonight which I think will work:

Thick yarn = Adriafil Graphic (red/pink/multi)
Fuzzy yarn = some multi-pinks hand dyed wool from the natural Dye Sudio (not fuzzy but pretty :-)
Shiny yarn = Jaeger Grace in bright pink (shiny 20% cotton yarn)
Plain yarn = Stylecraft 100% wool DK in deepish pink (originally intended for Wavy from Knitty but I'll find something just as nice for that)

I also got out some Colinette Graffiti which would work well as the thicker yarn, it's in deep/bright pinks, oranges and black. I think I'll stick with the Adriafil on this one though. Should be a nice companion project to Latifa, while I regroup my thoughts re hats!

Some happy dancing tonight too, as for a while I've been trying to get my head around the "book" way to hold the working yarn. Each issue of Simply Knitting also shows this in helpful photos, but the way I learned, was to throw the yarn and in doing so, take my grip off the right needle briefly. I've had several failed attempts to guide the yarn using my index finger, leaving me quite grumpy - I'm not that well coordinated at the best of times - but for some reason tonight I've managed multiple rows and am getting the hang of it! At first I ended up with very tight stitches on the needle, but now they are pretty much OK. Probably not a stellar event in the cosmic scheme of things but for a clumsy so-and-so like me it makes me very happy :-)

At this rate I'll have figured out crochet soon too LOL!

Hazel, sorry your cat keeps presenting you with mice (no doubt he/she thinks they are bringing you gifts!). I've had to shoo 2 different cats out of the garden in the past couple of days, as they were taking an unhealthy interest in the birds. We put seed and suet balls out for them and have a number of birdbaths. The cats don't really have a chance as the birds sit and leer and squawk at them. This morning there was a cat sitting on our garage roof, and a huge skein of geese flew over all honking away. You should have seen it craning up to look trying to work out if it could get to them!

The Fyberspates yarn is in the shade "Wild Foxglove", purples and greens mainly which looks very pretty. I think Get Knitted have a picture of a glove knitted up in this colourway. I was surfing and found the actual Fyberspates site, and blog. They will be having a sale in their shop this week apparently.

Rain, I am so in agreement re "House"! What an excellent show. I only discovered it just before Christmas so have missed almost all of season 1. Hugh Laurie is an absolute revelation in this. I do believe I am somewhat smitten.

Thank you dottyspots for your very kind offer to translate the DROPS patterns from Norwegian :-) I am sure there are a lot of knitters out there who would be very grateful! (I couldn't visit your blog unfortunately as I couldn't view your profile, if you see this can you send me the link?)

Hope to see some of you at Woolfest, I think we'll make it, hubby was OK with the idea (although pondering spending an extended time in "a huge wool shop" LOL!). He is actually very good at picking out colours!

On that note, I shall sign off for it is late, and I need sleep. My current book kept me reading for way too long last night!



At 10:16 am, January 31, 2006, Blogger Lynne said...

Oh my! Many posts and I've been a tad busy recently! So much stuff happening there. That stash busting scarf looks interesting, not that I have any stash to bust, not me! Never!
Soon I might know if I can join you for woolfest!

At 10:17 am, January 31, 2006, Blogger Mary-Lou said...

Hi, got your message. The link for the blog is and sorry I can never remember what the link for my profile is, but I think you can get at it if you click on my name at the top of this comment. hth. Good luck with the boa!

At 1:58 pm, January 31, 2006, Blogger Rain said...

The scarf certainly looks interesting, it idea of steeks just freak me out.

I'm completly loving Hugh Laurie, he's about as grumpy as I am as House, we'd make a great pair.

At 2:26 pm, January 31, 2006, Blogger HazelNutcluster said...

I want a steek boa. Oh, let's face it, I want everything I see, lol.

Yes, but the cat knows I don't want those gifts (she hides when she's brought one and won't look at me) and she still does it. I am not a cat person :) My daughter and I have to spend ages in the garden in Spring keeping visiting cats, and ours, off the baby birds. It is most distressing.

I know the Fyberspates colour, lovely :)

I have dottyspots new blog address, I'll come back with it.

Did you see in my blog that the calendar is out of stock? More money to spend on yarn I suppose :D

At 2:53 pm, January 31, 2006, Blogger HazelNutcluster said...

There you go dreamcatcher.

At 5:57 pm, January 31, 2006, Blogger acrylik said...

The steek boa sounds fantastic, looking forward to seeing pics as you work on it.

I have always knit by throwing the yarn - I have tried to do it the "book" way, but give up every time - I've been doing it too long. So I am very impressed that you have retrained yourself. Do you think it will make your knitting go any faster now that you are getting the hang of it? I am tempted to stay as I am, but if you are seeing an improvement in speed, then it's always worth another try!

At 7:02 am, February 01, 2006, Blogger Minnieknits said...

Hey, a fellow yarn thrower too!
A lady in a LYS showed me how to work holding the right needle from underneath (i.e laying it on top of your hand rather than grasping within you hand) and then using the index finger to wrap - no, I still could not get the hang of it. Have you tried the continental way? this is great for knit rows but purl rows are a little more fiddly - good luck with the re-training!


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