Sunday, January 01, 2006

A hive of activity

Today we decided to sort out all of our CDs into alpha-order, and catalogue them as part of our household inventory spreadsheet. Having been burgled many years ago the one thing you *need* is a list of what you own (or owned). Insurance companies will do their best to find ways of not paying you the full amount owed. So, today we found we have just over 400 music CDs, collected over 10 or 12 years. I doubt we'd remember half if we didn't make a list! They are all nicely racked up in alpha order now, so we can actually find the one we want (another first). Tomorrow I'll take digital photos as further proof we do actually own them, and haven't made a list based on a huge wishlist!

Last night I almost finished the Dulaan scarf (knitting-in the New Year). Tonight I've cast off and am shortly off to add a short fringe. That only leaves the bag I need to finish then I can start a clean slate for 2006.

I opened up the Knitting Pattern A Day calendar (it being January 1st and all that), and found a great eyelet scarf pattern on Jan. 4th that I think I'll use for my sister's birthday present. I'll be using the Noro Kureyon that has been in my stash a wee while.

Other things I intend to make or do this year:
- the Knitty Wavy rib scarf (already have the yarn for this, bought months ago!)
- do my best to learn to crochet, having seen some nice-looking items that I'd like to make, and having been roundly defeated on holiday last July
- more curly-whirlies
- shoulder-warmer/capelet
- maybe a Quidditch sweater, as I already have the yellow yarn!
- a Gryffindor trapped-bar scarf (again, yarn already bought)
- a Hufflepuff PS/CoS scarf (you guessed, I have the yarn)
- maybe a book!Ravenclaw PS/CoS scarf (that's blue and bronze rather than blue and grey)

That's probably enough ideas for now!



At 1:14 am, January 02, 2006, Blogger Mandy said...

Sound like you have had a productive day! I have not gotten a thing done today! Good luck with all your new projects for the new year I can't wait to see them!!

At 9:09 am, January 02, 2006, Blogger Rain said...

Happy New Year! Hope it's a good one.

Sounds like you've got some great knitting plns for the year.

At 7:03 am, January 03, 2006, Blogger Lynne said...

Wow - nice to have plans! I make plans but I get distracted too easily. The pattern on the 4th is a nice one, isn't it? (I bought me the calendar)


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