Monday, January 23, 2006

Enjoy the process

Thanks to Lynne for flagging up the Enjoy The Process knitalong, inspired by Eddie The Eagle (bless him!). This is aimed at those of us who would quite like to participate in an Olympic knitalong, but don't want the absolute deadline when we must have finished the item. That's me then! Deadlines are for the workplace, in my book. It is also about enjoying the process of creating a knitted item, indeed to enjoy and be grateful for being able to knit, for all we have really. I've joined up and have the "official" Eddie button at the right hand side :-) No idea what exactly I'll be knitting. I'll have to make a note of the dates too, as I was blissfully unaware of *any* impending Olympics until Stephanie started her challenge. I'm not really very sports-oriented ... but I do quite like watching the winter sports.

I'd also like to recommend the Drops Design free patterns site, all translated into English. There are stacks of patterns on there, and a number of reasonably-interesting hats for all you hat addicts :-)

I tried my rib hat on for the first time last night, it feels so different to my current hat (machineknit acrylic bought a few years ago and worn to death since). Good news is that it fits and feels lovely. Not too far off finishing it now. I could do with having the wristies already. It was a whole ONE degree Celsius this morning when I drove to work. Even with leather gloves on the cold seeped into my fingers and they were stiff and achy all day. I've done my cleaning and tidying penance for the day, after coming home a little earlier than usual (and in DAYLIGHT!), so it's cleaning the animals, tea, then knit-knit-knit. Must have an early night tonight too, I'm getting too long in the tooth to pull late nights/early mornings any more :-) When I remember I'll post pictures of the animals here - 2 chinchillas and a gerbil :-) (that's the big-eared rodent type of chinchilla, not the cats!).



At 9:32 pm, January 23, 2006, Blogger margene said...

The whole idea is to have a great time!

At 8:36 pm, January 24, 2006, Blogger Sharon J said...

Unfortunately not all of the Drops Design pattern catalogue has been translated into English, although I believe their idea is to eventually translate them all. It's still an excellent resource, though. In fact, the sweater I'm knitting for the Knitting Olympics is from them. Can you believe that I've signed up for that? I hate the pressure of deadlines! I only did it so ensure Lise's sweater would be finished before Spring! ~Sharon

At 7:20 am, January 25, 2006, Blogger HazelNutcluster said...

Looking forward to the chinchilla pics, they are the sweetest things :)

I love the 'Enjoy the Process' idea. If only we could always do that, eh?

Are you hoping for the cold to stay long enough for you to finish your knitting, lol? It does seem to be getting lighter though. Good!


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