Saturday, November 05, 2005

Snow Patrol

Well, it's the annual noise festival tonight, also known as Bonfire Night. I'm sitting here in the room keeping the animals company, playing a Snow Patrol CD to mask the whizz-bangs and other sundry artillery noises coming from outside. I firmly believe fireworks should be restricted to organised licensed public displays. Idiots setting them off a few feet from their back windows is, well, idiotic. Not to mention all the trouble caused by the dregs of humanity getting hold of fireworks (no, I'm not going to elaborate or this will turn into an uber-rant!).

Not much knitting to report, the Huffle scarf continues apace. I got up very late today and have been doing some much-needed sorting and tidying. We got our wheelie bins (for the ordinary rubbish) and plastic box (for cans, plastic bottles, glass and textiles) this week, so I can put out all the old towels and bedding and curtains for recycling rather than take them to the tip :-) It's incredible what you hang on to, for no real good reason. We also sorted 2 boxes of video tapes and got rid of the equivalent of one-and-a bit of them - they are going out in the charity bag next week.

Part of the reason for the above tidying is we have decided to get a nice sideboard for the dining room, to replace the rather jumbled mess we had on one wall. At the moment my stash is in 3 large plastic boxes in the dining room. The plan is to relocate some into one of the sideboard drawers, and the rest either under the bed or on top of the wardrobe. This led to establishing what we had stored where, then logically to "why are we keeping that?!". The end result will be a much tidier and better-looking dining room, and a more organised stash too.


At 6:21 pm, November 12, 2005, Blogger Diane said...

I know what you mean!i could rant for England about fireworks my poor old fur baby is's got worse with age ,we think she's about 12-13..she was yet another piece of flotsam in lifes ocean :)(In other words left at Maxi Care dog rehoming)I live about 15 miles away from Kettering where there was an awful accident on bonfire night,i just hope everyone has a speedy and full recovery.Only thing is if we ban them completely will we get dodgy imports smuggled in???
Must report arms getting better...hows yours??


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