Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Potter Scarf Countdown

Only six days to go until I see the new Potter movie :-) However this does impose a definite deadline on the Hufflepuff scarf. Happily this should be fairly easy to achieve. Here's a picture of the beast at 12 repeats of the trapped bars. I have 2 and about a third balls left of the yellow, and have already cut the fringe pieces so I don't run into any problems with lack of yarn. I figure I might be able to squeeze the full 14 sets in, but will stop at 13 if that seems prudent:

Last time I measured, this was 75 inches, it must be well over 80 at the moment. That is a LOT of 1x1 ribbing. Every time I lay the scarf out full length I can't quite believe I knit that much ribbing :-)

Here's a picture of the Doctor Who scarf progress. It hasn't been touched for a while as I realised I had a looming deadline for the behemoth above. It looks a bit uneven width-wise in the picture, either my tension is altering or this is just an optical illusion. I think it had best be washed and blocked, as far as possible given the small wool content of the yarn. The colours in the photo look surprisngly true to life, given that I took the photos under electric light with camera flash. Even the yellow in the Huffle scarf looks much better than in prevous photos.

In stash news, no new acquistions since my last post, but I've sorted out the storage for it. Previously it was in three plastic boxes stacked up in the dining room. Not the best solution. Over the past week I've sorted out the yarn into short, medium and longer term interest. The long term stuff has gone into a long flattish box that lives on top of the wardrobe. easily accessible and I've written an inventory which sits on the outside. The medium-term yarn is living in one of those plastic wheeled flattish boxes that are designed to store things under beds (yes it is under the bed!). The stuff I'm either using or plan to use soon is either in what was originally intended as a magazine holder, but looks basically like a faux-leather basket, or will be going into the new sideboard (arriving Wednesday). I actually have 2 of the basket-type containers, the other holds my in-progress work. They are from Poundstretcher/Instore and have been reduced to something like 6 pounds each.

I had my annual flu jab today, and *ouch* did it sting when the vaccine went in! I wasn't the first to, ahem, comment on it apparently :-) My arm is feeling a little sore at the moment, hopefully it will calm down rather than get worse, as happened to poor Diane. I also feel a little wobbly, mind you I couldn't string my words together properly when I was in the treatment room :-D

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At 7:56 pm, November 13, 2005, Blogger Lynne said...

That is a LOT of 1x1 ribbing!
Isn't it nice to get stash organised?


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