Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lucky I made a Very Warm Scarf!

Over a week since my last posting, due to the viral infection from hell. I thught I just had a sore arm from the flu jab ... on the following Monday evening it started feeling suspiciously like flu! I have two theories, either the flu vaccination itself directly caused the infection, or it was something lurking around waiting to pounce while my immune system was being bushwhacked by the flu vaccine. Probably the latter, but safe to say I wasn't able to sit at the computer for a week! This week I've had a cough and continuing congestion in my head, although thankfully I can now taste and smell again :-) You don't realise how important that is until it disappears for days on end! (along with zero appetite).

The doctor's surgery has been great, I phoned last Thursday as we were getting concerned as to how bad I felt after a rough night Wednesday, and the doc phoned me back in an hour, confirming I had a viral infection and giving me the expected advice. No need to come in and if I developed a cough let them know, so they could give antibiotics and steroids (I'm asthmatic so any chest complaint has to be taken seriously). Monday I phoned them again and they sorted out a 'script for me with no hassle at all. Today I had to phone them again I needed a med cert to cover me for today and tomorrow, again no problem.

At the moment I feel quite a lot better but rather exhausted from interrupted sleep and the general knockback you get from taking meds. Nice to be able to sit and post on here again anyway!

Here's the Hufflepuff beanie I mentioned last week, it didn't take me long to make and I used the London Beanie pattern available free on the web (sorry too idle to find the link). Same yarn as the scarf, used the same stitch counts in the pattern and it fits snugly as I believe it should!

I used 12" (30cm) Addi Turbos in the suggested 4.5mm size for this, and didn't need to go anywhere near DPNs to finish. Yay for short circs. I'm going to make another in the reverse colourway and will try 5mm needles this time.

I've also made some progress on the Who scarf, now 4 feet long. Not as much as I might, but I've had quite a few days in the past week or so where I simply couldn't do a thing but watch telly! On the positive side at least this has happened before the holidays!

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