Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Knitting update

Over a week since my last post, scandalous!

I do have an excuse, being that last Saturday we were up at 7.30am, went to North Wales and got back at around 10.30pm. That was a long day! Longer than we intended, but since we were sorting out some computer stuff for a friend, we might have guessed it would take longer than anticipated :-)

Sunday was spent in equal parts recovering and cleaning (and there is still more cleaning to be done).

However, there is some knitting progress to report. I think I'm just about done with the 9th repeat on the Hufflepuff scarf, and am aiming to finish it before we go to see Goblet of Fire. The Who scarf is something between 2 foot 6 and 3 feet now. Must take pictures given some daylight this weekend. By the time I get home from work now (even if I leave at 4) it's just about dark. The Dulaan scarf and the baggie are progressing too, although the scarf may have to take a bit of a break until the Christmas deadline knitting is done.

Thanks for your comment Diane - glad you like Dianne's online shop too! It is of course only right and proper that you try out those lovely fashion yarns :-) I'm trying to remember how I found the site, and think it was in a Google search. Most of the knitting e-shops I've visited have been via adverts in magazines, I reckon Dianne should pop an advert in now and then. It's easy to find places online that sell high end yarns like Debbie Bliss, Jaeger, even Noro, but not often easy to find stockists who carry a *good* range of colours in nice basic yarns. Even harder to find a good Huffle yellow!

Stash enhancement news - the natural-dyed wool from ebay duly arrived an is gorgeous, very soft. I wound one skein into a ball for the fun of it :-D Got a couple of balls of Patons Whisper in black to go with it in some form or another, an also grabbed another couple of Berry for the future Gryff PoA scarf. The black and yellow acrylics are very soft and the yellow is *bright*! Got some Sirdar Snowflake in turquoise from ebay (yet to arrive) for a decent bargain price, this is intended to go with the Colinette Graffiti Popsicle for a gift hat and scarf. See, I'm buying yarn with a *purpose* in mind :-D That's my story and I'm sticking to it .... Wish we could go to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate later this month, but DH is away that week. Not *too* disappointed really as I can wade through the stash somewhat then have an excuse to yarn-shop after Christmas :-)



At 8:03 am, November 04, 2005, Blogger Lynne said...

One of the great things about developing stash is that you end up forgetting about stuff and then you can go stash shopping and BOOM! There it is! And you didn't have to pay for it (again). 8-)


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