Thursday, November 24, 2005

Goblet of Fire

Happily I did get to see Goblet of Fire as planned last Friday. Adrenaline certainly helped, otherwise I wouldn't have moved from the sofa, especially as we have been having frost in recent days. I got to wear my new Huffle scarf and beanie, which I truly appreciated - wrapped up outside, and watching the film with the scarf on as the aircon in the cinema tends to make me feel a bit cold at the best of times!

What was great was as this was the opening night, there was a really good audience in, people who really wanted to see the film. Lots of children of all ages through to grandparents, and some people even had scarves, and some kids were dressed up. Most impressive for this area! I think I had the only PoA style scarf though! As soon as the BBFC caption came up and we knew the film was starting, spontaneous applause broke out and then everyone just settled down and watched the film. Very few fidgeting people, just a few kids went in and out.

I have to say I enjoyed this film very much, and it probably stands as my favourite of the four. Obviously given a book so long, with so many little subplots and details, they had to concentrate on the TriWizard storyline, but it was brilliantly told. The humour also shone through and I was so pleased that finally Fred and George got some decent screen time. They are hilarious :-) I felt the film stayed as true to the book as it possibly could, and like the extended Lord of the Rings films, there were a lot of "book" moments that anyone who has read them would recognise and appreciate. The scene where Harry returns with Cedric's body was amazing, very well played, and certainly gave me cause to wipe my eyes. There was also a lot of knitting-action to take in :-) On some close-ups you were easily able to count the rows on the trapped bar scarves (I know I know). There a lot of knitted items in evidence and I look forward to the DVD to be able to take a closer look at them! The GoF scarf colours have of course muted down once again, even darker this time (as are the school sweaters, a great charcoal colour). The Hufflepuff scarves appeared to be rather "old gold" rather than the buttery yellow. Time will tell if I make one like that! At least the Gryffindor colours are quite a nice match to the yarn I bought :-)


At 7:50 pm, November 25, 2005, Blogger C x said...

Oh I really want to see GOF. I've not had the chance yet, but maybe this weekend ....

Don't tell me that you got distracted from the actual film by comparing the colours of the house scarves? Lol

C x

At 11:32 am, November 28, 2005, Blogger Lynne said...

We don't get GOF until ummm Thursday.
I have been a very bad commenter - I've been soooooo busy recently I haven't had a chance to drop by!

At 7:07 pm, December 01, 2005, Blogger Rain said...

I was sat making mental notes on the knitting too!

At 5:52 pm, December 02, 2005, Blogger Diane said...

I think we're worse than the kids for Harry Potter aren't we? :) I've read all the books and seen all the films except GOF and i must admit the trailer on the website looked very dark and moody.....hmmmm it sort of took me back to when Dr Who was on when i was about 5.....go on admit it! who else hid behind the sofa?? LOL


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