Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Stash enhancement

I apologise in advance for the flash effect on the photos - no daylight to take them in any more!

Here's the yarn I bought while on holiday:

Firstly a 400g ball of navy blue aran acrylic from Poundstretcher! I had no idea they sold yarn. Our local one (now called "Instore") does not have yarn, shame as I was going to buy some of the cream as well (they also did red). This cost a whole 4 UKP!

Next the Colinette yarn, Graffiti pure wool twist in "Popsicle" (aqua-based) and an unmarked shade which looks a little like "Fire":

Pure wool aran from Brynkir Woollen Mill. This is a working mill a few miles from where we stayed. You can go in and look round at all the machinery. Not much up and running the day we went but the carding machine was running which was fairly impressive!

Next up, yarn for the Dr Who scarf, ordered from McA Direct. Sirdar Country Style DK in 100g balls. I will be making the Season 12 scarf, not quite as wide as the original pattern and not as long. In fact the pattern I've adopted is the official BBC Enterprises pattern - I just won't knit to the end of the pattern.

Finally, the yarn for a PoA/GoF style Gryffindor scarf. This will be knit in the round, the yarn is Patons Diploma DK in Berry and Honey:



At 12:07 pm, October 13, 2005, Blogger Lynne said...

Oh my word! Much stash enhancement and that popsicle Colinette is divine!
(Which has just reminded me of a certain dye experiment languishing in the garage. Oops)
You've been having lots of fun!


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