Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Of scarves and fringing

Thank you all for your comments regarding the Potter scarves! I spent last night adding the tassels, and sewing on a small Gryffindor patch at one end (also sewed the ends of the scarf together to aid adding the tassels). It took a wee while but it was well worth the effort. I think it looks quite stunning!

Sadly, I am a buffoon and, after trimming the tassels when I got home from work (a job best performed in daylight), I forgot to take any photos. Of course, I remembered just as the light was failing, which wouldn't have given very good results picture-wise, so I'll do them tomorrow.

The good news is that the washing and flat-drying, with a bit of judicious stretching and tweaking, seems to have more-or-less fixed the slight wavy edge caused by the yellow yarn being thicker than the red. They are both DK, just different brands, and I had to do 34 rows of red per stripe, as opposed to 32 for the yellow. Lesson learnt there, future projects will use the same brand throughout!

Did I say flat-drying - yes, for 24 hours or so ... then out on the washing line in the sun for an hour - then in the tumble drier for a wee while! Seems the double thickness can take its time drying completely :-)

The other major advantage of washing the scarf has been to soften up the fabric. It drapes really nicely and is very comfortable to wear. I think a 75/25 acrylic/wool mix works quite well for an item like this.

Tracy said she suspects her son will want a scarf like this - and why not indeed :-) They do take a wee while to knit though! So far no-one is clamouring for me to make them a house scarf - but I think I will be starting a Tom Baker-style Doctor Who scarf for my sister in law! DH was telling her about the Gryff scarf and she apparently said she always wanted a Doctor Who scarf. Christmas present ahoy!

I cast on the Huffle scarf yesterday, and tonight completed the first yellow section and 2 rows of the first black stripe. I only stopped because I felt I ought to get some sleep, and check my mail as I didn't get a chance to yesterday (tassel takeover bid) :-) K1P1 rib does take longer than stockinette, but it is producing a very soft, springy fabric. The Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran is lovely to work with. I realise that making a scarf this size in K1P1 borders on the foolhardy, nay slightly bonkers, but it has to be done. Once. I've already sized up some yarn for a Gryffindor PoA scarf knit in the round - Sirdar Country style DK have two great-looking shades. I wasn't actually looking for it directly, as I was trying to find a suitabe brand that would have all the Who scarf colours in chunky yarn. That one needs a little more research.

I'll end this ramble with my eBay bargain this week. 980g of Debbie Bliss merino aran on a cone for 20 UKP. At current ball prices that would be 60 UKP! It's the same colour as the cashmerino, egg yellow shade 505, and I figured it would be good for, say, a Hufflepuff Quidditch sweater :-) At this rate I'm going to need to go part time at work to fit all the knitting in :-)



At 9:55 am, September 14, 2005, Blogger Lynne said...

Ys, you need to look after yourself even if the knitting has sucked you in! I am tagging you with a meme, if you care to do it. Shall email soon!


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