Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Almost 16 out of the 19 stripes now done on the scarf! I can generally do a stripe in an evening's knitting time, except I did half a stripe tonight. Blame the ironing and gerbil-tank cleaning!

Silly neck is almost back to normal, yey. I have been doing the exercises the physio showed me last time I had a problem a few months ago. I had no idea that was actually my neck, as the symptom was for all the world like tennis elbow. At least there has been no repeat of the seized thumb and forefinger incident from last year! Again that was probably, I am advised, due to something in the neck/shoulder area. Bizarrely it has left my right hand with slightly less grip than the left. Take care of your backs/necks etc. folks, they can play some nasty tricks!

I know it's nowhere near new year, but I'm resolved to do the preventive stretches for my back from now on, and also keep my neck more mobile. Sitting at a computer most of the day at work isn't terribly good for your posture and caused most of the problems above. I can be a complete slouch when it comes to exercise, as I get bored easily with repeating the same things day in day out ... but I also don't want to seize up completely one day!

Just finished reading Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix this weekend. I enjoyed it, but not as thoroughly as the previous book. The second half seemed a lot better than the first. Just started Half Blood Prince, although I'm resolved not to read any tonight as I need some sleep, and HP books tend to keep me avidly reading for several hours :-)


At 12:22 pm, September 07, 2005, Blogger Lynne said...

I know what you mean about the voraciously reading vs the need for sleep. I am guilty as charged, your honour, occasionally on a work night. Isn't it a feeling of accomplishment when you can measure your progress? Stripey socks are good for that too. And necks are v.important. mine plays up too.


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