Monday, August 08, 2005

A quick visit to the LYS

Popped in to the LYS after work today, for some yarn for a secret project for a friend. I won't go into any detail in case she happens to read this :-) All I'm saying is, it's a mid to darkish blue DK 100% wool yarn.

Of course, it was sitting at the bottom of the precarious pile of bags of yarn near the door. Last week's expedition for the HP scarf yarn also ended up with the gold yarn being located behind said wobbly pile. I love the way this shop is packed to the gunnels with stuff. Not just yarn but tapestry supplies, patterns, accessories etc. etc. They carry a good range and better than any of the shops we visited while in Cornwall last month.

Also braved the passport photo booth for the second time. Last time it managed to chop off the very top of my hair on the prints, so no good for passports, the pictures have to pass CAA rules and missing bits of head/hair are unacceptable! There is something distinctly odd about the machine, if you sit with your eyes at "eye level", you end up too high. At least I don't look quite so crazed on these new photos :-)


At 1:34 pm, August 11, 2005, Blogger Lynne said...

Well, Mrs North - why do you need a passport photo? I didn't think that you need a passport for Wales. Or Cornwall... :-P


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