Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gryffindor scarf progress

Almost finished the second yellow stripe of the Gryffindor PS/CoS scarf. It turns out that the yellow yarn knits up marginally bigger than the red - so I'm adding 2 more rows to each red stripe so red and yellow are the same size. Two different brands of yarn though, bought at my LYS as I was keen to get started ... quite hard to find a decent yellow-gold colour there.

I have my beady eye on some Jaeger merino yarn for a PoA/GoF Hufflepuff scarf (inverted colours, main black with yellow/gold bars). I have now firmly decided it will be in K1P1 rib, seeing as we have it confirmed that this is how the movie scarves are made. Also have plans for a Quidditch sweater in the same colourway, and now my patches have arrived from Patch Palace I have no excuse.

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