Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Here's some of my yarn stash - this is most of the individual types although I have more of most of them:

Back row left to right:
- Wendy Velvet Touch pale pink - very soft indeed
- Stylecraft 100% wool DK in deep pink (for the Knitty Wavy Scarf) - from LYS
- Wendy Wild Spice chunky yarn, deep pink - rom LYS
- Jaeger "Grace" yarn in pink, 80/20 viscose/cotton, a soft chenille-type yarn (this was a bargain on eBay - 500g for 7.99 UKP)
- Kilcarra 100% wool Irish aran-style yarn (I have one each of purple and deep red too)

Front row L-R:
- Stylecraft Gypsy in shade "Sunset", another eBay buy (250g in total)
- Adriafil Baroque mohair mix fancy yarn, in green/blue/pink shadings - from LYS (I was so impressed with my LYS, they had Adriafil and Noro and all sorts of other stuff)

In the middle is a skein of Lynne's handspun/hand-dyed yarn! This is going to become a jewellery drawstring bag. The pattern is for the "Gunnister Purse".

Current project is a scarf based on the Knitty Rockstar scarf, using Wendy Shimmer "Baroque" (pinks/purples) and a darkish grey chunky yarn (100% acrylic). I had forgotten it was chunky and not just DK as it has been in the cupboard for some months - but it knits up nicely and quite flexibly all the same. Picture on next post - I am currently weaving in the ends for the part I've completed so far as I can't face doing it all at the end :-)



At 8:40 am, June 08, 2005, Blogger Lynne said...

Stash, stash, stash!
I detect a certain pink theme in your stash.... (OK there are some other bits but...)


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