Monday, June 13, 2005

Weather update

The BBC weather website currently says we are having mostly rain this week. Boo hiss. However I watched the TV weather and they are forecasting rain but on Friday it will supposedly be 24C :-o If it's raining *and* 24C then we've had some serious continental drift this week! I don't believe it can rain here and be that warm. It was like March today. Here I am, feeding the plants, espcially the exotics like cannas and the banana (who now has 4 banana-children in the tub too), and they get exposed to lashing rain and wind! At least the tree fern seems happier this year, it has 2 new fronds unfurling and 2 or 3 more upcoming. Last year we were convinced it had died, it was so late coming into leaf.

In yarn news, I ordered some Adriafil Graphic (red/fuschia multi) from the Woolly Workshop yesterday. The nice lady who runs it emailed to say she had posted it today. In fact I had quite a nice portion of a Sunday afternoon going through the adverts in Knitting, and found a fair number of good sites. There is a shop in Ulverston, South Lakes, that looks very interesting and may be visited in due course (which may make up for Windermere not having a yarn shop, not one we could find anyway!).


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