Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Knitting when tired - don't do it!

As Lynne has bravely posted about the pink top and its refusal to behave in a manner befitting a handknitted item, I should fess up to making a mistake with the scarf I just finished. You know, the simple stripey one with eyelash yarn.

At some point very near the end I managed to do one row too many and the back became the front for a couple of repeats. Oo-oops. My fault for attempting something so technical at night-time when I was already tired :-D See, if I can do this to a simple scarf I had best reserve any more complex knitting for the daylight hours, where I can actually see what I'm doing! I only noticed the mistake in daylight and I refused to unpick anything. As it's eyelash I may well weave in a few pieces which will effectively cover the wrong stuff.

It's ever so comfy though - I finished it while watching Glastonbury on BBC3 so I wrapped the scarf round my neck and watched the rest (this was after 1am and it had cooled down - I'm not quite barking mad (yet) to wear a scarf when it's hot!)

Hopefully picture of finished scarf in the next few days, once I do the weaving in (oh joy).


At 1:30 pm, July 01, 2005, Blogger Lynne said...

Noone will ever know!
(But I bet your scarf won't turn sideways and show off a Gonzo-type beak)


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